Moss on Soil - Only where light passes through

Hello! I grew Basil before without any problem, I tried to do Peppermint and Rosemary this time, it sprouted correctly but after a couple of days of no growth I checked it out and found this:

It looks like it only developer where the opening of the U-shape was, and they seem dead or unsalvageable, pretty clueless about the problem and I don’t want to start new pods without making sure it won’t happen again.

Thanks for y’all help :slight_smile:

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Hello @dim

Good to have you!
Please contact the Click and Grow Support team, who will help you solve this problem. Here’s the request page.

I have a few thoughts on why they didn’t thrive… firstly the pods look very dry from the top, the pods should be evenly moist within 48 hours after inserting pods. If they are not, please check if the wicks are inserted correctly and the pods are wet. The exposed part of the U-shaped lid is covered most probably with mold and algae that form in sufficient light and wet conditions combination. Sometimes the mold can be so excessive it kills the plant but here, I suspect a pest. Hard to tell from this picture but it might be thrips.
How’s the third plant doing?

Hi Debora,
Third plants was the same, it was another Mint pod, I’ll try to reach out support but I already throw them away. I couldn’t see any pest, it was very weird.

Thanks for your help!