Peppermint flowers

My peppermint is growing flowers :grinning: and I would like like to know how long until my plant blooms :tulip:does anyone know this?

Also my other peppermint plant pod the plants are blackening so I replaced wick but the pod is still getting no water, does anyone know how i can fix it

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Hey, Max!
Sorry to hear the plant is not getting any water. Have you checked the plant roots to see if the plant is rootbound? If the roots are covering the whole bottom surface of the plant pod then the issue is not with the wick, but the roots just won’t let the wick touch the soil for it to become hydrated.

As the plant is already blooming, it is quite likely that it has become rootbound and it is time for new pods. You can feel free to repot this mint, cut it back and it will grow again.


Yes. Peppermint is surely one plant fit for replanting. It will survive everywhere.
It is common to suffer root-bound in CG when the plant is old.

I would use Click & Grow only for fresh mint.