Is my mint plant ready for haverest and how to transfer to another normal soil pot to avoid overcrowding?

It looks like you have an alien friend in one of your peppermint pods so before any harvesting first get rid of the alien friend :alien: :alien:

Your mint is fine if you want you can trim it but there is no need to transplant it

Your pepermint can absolutely be cut down now. Remember that, like Basil, every cut will grow two new stems. This makes the plant even bushier and less stringy. When the time comes that you want to replant your pepermint, remember two things: 1. Pepermint is invasive so don’t put it directly into the ground. 2. You can easily replant into pots of soil by just popping out the whole pod and placing it into the soil. Also Remeber to wash out your cups before you put in a new pod and to do so right away. You dont want empty holes in your C&G. :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

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Thank you so much for your advice . I really appreciate it :smiley:

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Do you mean Alien friend #1? It does not smell mint but grown from peppermint pod … Or Alien friend #2? - that smells like mint but leaves are very small and growing side ways …

Thanks for pointing out on “alien friend “ I was trying to figure out what plant is it ? My hubby and me have been smelling it’s leaves but can be confusing with other surroundings mint leaves .

Oh wow. Alien friend #1 for sure. I’m not sure what that is… but idk if I’d use that pod personally… if I were you, I’d email support, add those pictures, and then I’d toss that pod.

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Or just get rid of the alien friend

Yes, you could. But as an edible plant, I wouldn’t personally feel comfortable enjoying as tea or anything from a pod that’s had an alien friend growing inside it…

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That true! But i would use it for the good smell.