Unknown wrong Plant in Peppermint plan pod

I recently started my journey using the Smart Garden 3 and planted two pods of peppermint and one of basil.

my basil is growing well but I’ve noticed a strange plant coming out of my peppermint pod! Could you help me identify what it is and what should I do about it?

It’s the second pod, the plant with red stem that has succulent like leaves…

Also, my peppermint seems to be collapsing and not growing very strongly! There are many little sprouts but they don’t seem to thrive. Should I trim them off so the rest can grow better?

Date planted was 29/5/18
Location: Singapore

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Seems to be some kind of Crassula.
I would replant it somewhere else.

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This has been growing out of my mint plant and I dont think its mint haha

Anyone know what it is?

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Hi @Kat.mcgovern92,

it seems that you have some sort of Epilobium growing there. Please pull it gently out so that your young peppermint seedlings would have enough light and space to grow.

Bought the peppermint pods, and a different plant sprouted. Can anyone tell me what this is? Could it be green Sorrel?

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Hi @Seymour,

It is weeds and definitely not green sorrel. Try to pull it out gently and hopefully, you’ll find tiny mint seedlings sprouting.

Also, as it is a faulty pod, please submit a ticket to the support and it will be replaced for free.