Water to use

Very hard water in my area, is it best to use distilled in the grower?

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Hi @lopodgrow

We are using hard water for our in-house tests too. The good news is that hard water is great for growing plants - there are no problems surrounding it. The softened water can be even more damaging for plants and so can the distilled water.

I wouldn’t recommend using distilled water with any plants. It’s important to note that some plants may actually require the minerals found in tap water, and distilled water may not provide them with the necessary nutrients. In addition, using only distilled water for extended periods of time can lead to a buildup of salts and other minerals in the soil, which can be harmful to plants.

One of the things that may happen more frequently is that the wicks can clog up. Then it’s helpful to soak them in a mild vinegar solution or hydrogen peroxide solution once or twice a year.


Thank you so much for that information. From some previous information I found on the net, I had filled the reservoir with Distilled water but now have carefully replaced it with good old tap water, hopefully haven’t disturbed the pods too much. So far, so good, a tiny green leaf is showing in all three pods after only being set up for 3 days, I am impressed. Can hardly wait to get my first plant. Thanks for developing this item, love it.
Thanks again,
Lois @lopodgrow

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Sure, no problem at all! Distilled water is typically used in labs and it seems to be a high cost (and time-consuming) to get it just for the garden. Easier ways are to filter the water and use rainwater or A/C water.
I think you’re alright :slight_smile:
Great to hear that. Thanks a lot!

Happy growing journey! :seedling:

Did you tried to use some water filter? Like the usual stuff you get for drinking water. That is what I use here.