Put plant food in water tank?

I just got a 3 pod Click N Grow from my aunt. I have two areogardens. so when I set up the system I added liquid plant food like the Areogarden.

Is it ok to leave it or should I dump the water out and refill it?

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Hi, welcome to the community @skasenter !

The Click and Grow concept is different from Aerogarden, all the nutrients that the plant needs to go through the whole growing cycle are already added in the plant pod, so you would not have to go through that trouble. I would not recommend adding more nutrients to the tank, this may lead the over-fertilization and burn the plants. Also, as we have created different nutrient schemes for all plants specifically, we don’t believe it would be a good idea to use one nutrient solution for all plants, as plants do have different needs of nutrients.
Also, as you are starting to grow now, also download the official click and grow app. As you register your garden and add plants to it, it will provide you timed tips on how to take care of the plants and when.

Happy growing!

Do the plants need added nutrients at some point?

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I think the soil has enough nutrients to last the “up to” date especified in every pod

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