Air pumps to water?

Hello guys,
I am before buying smartgarden 3 but one thing is not clear for me. As i know deep water culture hydroponics needs air pumps into the water. How does smartgardens achieve this?
Thank you

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Hi an welcome to the forum!

The Smart Garden uses wicks that transfers the water to the pod. Works brilliantly. I spent a couple of years trying to figure out what type of indoor garden to buy, after a year with CG 9 I could not be happier.


The plants are not directly in touch with the water. They communicate via the “wicks”. My garden grows well. I am extremely happy with it.

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Thanks both of you for the answers,
Other type of indoor garden videos i’ve seen that the roots grow big time. Is there enough space for the roots there? i mean if the wicks transfer the water to the roots, where does the roots grow if not into the water? Thank you guys in adnvance, in my town there is no place where i can see it

You can see it in the picture :slight_smile: