Is the Smart Garden hydroponic?

I keep hearing users describe the Smart Garden as a hydroponic system. This is confusing, since the USDA describes hydroponics as “the technique of growing plants using a water-based nutrient solution rather than soil.” But aren’t the pods soil-based? How can this be a hydroponic system?


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Thanks for reaching out! @DreamLibrarian

We get that a lot, and I understand the confusion as hydroponics comes in many forms, also for similar hobby products as Smart Gardens are.

Inevitably, our system is constantly grouped with hydroponics. Click and Grow gardens have passive-irrigation (no pumps) and nutrient-packed substrates to grow plants. The big difference is that hydroponics use/add nutrient solution whereas with CG there’s no need to add extra nutrients, just click the plant pod in and grow.

I find that some of your pods plants need extra nutrients. When added, my yield thrives! As did my first strawberries turn red. Without it, I never even had a strawberry

Can I ask how did u add nutrients? Was it to the water or was it to the soil directly? And was it a liquid solution or solid type?

i use both