Repotting to hydroponics

If I want to repot a plant from C&G to hydroponics, do I need to completely remove the C&G soil, or is this soil suited for hydroponics?

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You can use the soil in hydroponics! Which kind of system do you use? Ebb and flow?
Do you use clay pebbles?
Picture perhaps?

Hello, thank you for your reply.
I only use the Kratky method as it is a lot easier.
Sometimes I use clay pebbles, but most of the time I use cocopeat.

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Cool! Well is suppose the Click & Grow Smartsoil is ideal for Kratky method.
What plants are you growing? Not all like to be roots in the water all the time. But i suppose it would be great for lettuce.

I did lettuce in the past and basil. Now I just transplanted a strawberry runner that rooted in the soil to Kratky. I am not sure it will work, but we’ll see. I ordered a Smart Garden 3 last week, when I start using it I will absolutely try to combine the 2 methods C&G and Kratky.


Cool! I’m usually transplanting my Click & Grow plants (I grow mostly herbs) outside or in the greenhouse.
This way I can try more new plants in Click & Grow and have a big herb collection all the time.

I assume the Kratky method is really suitable for the same purpose and for people who don’t have a greenhouse or garden.

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I used to live in a house with a garden, but I recently moved to an appartment where I only have a small balcony facing south. I am trying to get used to gardening in containers. It seems like all I am doing is watering plants all day :smile:.
Kratky is for me the ideal way to grow some things indoors.