Using regular soil

Can I use regular soil in my Click & Grow device?

I think you can.
But in my opinion the Click & Grow SmartSoil is the best thing in the world, where a plant can grow in.

Why it is the best thing?

It has really good aeration, a perfect pH and nutrients specific for every single plant. Also the seeds are pro-grade - you can’t get them from every gardening store.

Also the water absorbing and retention capabilities are outstanding.


Feedback from customers confirms that plants grown in Smart Soil sprout faster and the seedlings are stronger & healthier.
What is more, Smart Soil makes the whole gardening experience a lot easier - no need to worry about killing your plants with over-nourishment or leaving them undernourished. As @priit mentioned root aeration and the right pH level are also essential for plants to be able to thrive.