Looking to buy a Smart Garden 9 and have a question regarding Smart Soil

I read that the Smart Soil is a nanomaterial (on some other websites, I’ve seen the term nanomembranes used). As a materials engineer, I’m wondering what exactly this nanomaterial is. Some nanoscale materials can be dangerous to humans so I’d like to know the specifics before committing to buy Smart Garden 9. I’ve searched the web but couldn’t find any answers. I hope somebody here can explain things.

Thank you,


It’s just a buzz word in my opinion. There is some info here Technology – Click & Grow EU

Thank you! Based on what I’ve read, it’s some sort of a nanomembrane. Probably ok, but the engineer in me wants to double-check :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, I tried different pods from other brands in the click and grow (have another posting where I post more about it) but from what I can see there are currently 3 different systems on the market with the same dimensions. At least that what I tested. Two of them are very similar.