Busy Lizzies Buds no Blossoms

Hi! I’m
New to C&G and had to transplant my Busy Lizzies which were starting to bloom. They seem to like their new space, plenty of buds, but they never blossom :broken_heart:Also, should I be trimming off leaves every day? They seem to wilt pretty fast.

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Hi @Tesdaydreamer,

If you have just transplanted it, give it some time to settle. It needs some time to root and get used to new growing conditions, and as soon it has settled in- it will flower as you would expect from a Busy Lizzie.
The dark color of the leaves suggests it is well fertilizer now, but make sure you keep the soil evenly moist and continue feeding it once it is completely rooted.

The setup looks really nice!

Thank you very much. Can you also tell me how often I need to pinch off the leaves and how much light they need? I have a grow light nearby and can place them there but the plant would come close to touching the light. Thanks!