Full Salad


If I purchase the 3 pod, can I grow 2 lettuce and 1 tomato? Or do I need to get 2 Smart Gardens?


You can use any number of plants from the packs. The 3pack lid is glued, if you close it and store it close to room temperatures, it will be OK.


Thank you!


Seeing as how you titled this topic “Full Salad,” I feel that you should keep in mind the different growth rates for different plants. Your 2 lettuces are going to be long done and harvested by the time your tomatoes are fruiting. I planted my own starter tomatoes 3 months ago and they’re only now at the end of their life cycle. I have, however, gone through multiple crops of multiple salad greens since then. Just something to think about! :upside_down_face:


Yep! I personally like all my Click & Grow gardens growing only one-two species of plant. It just looks much sleeker! (imho)


What an awesome setup @priit! I’m gonna order the same plants and try it myself :smirk: