Wall Farm vs Smart Garden 9

Just curious if there’s any difference between having a wall farm and multiple smaller gardens? Are the lights better?

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I’m thinking of just lining a book case with multiple click and grow 9s if I’m happy with my first unit. Much cheaper. Unless fhere’s a real benefit to the wall farms.

The lights are practically the same, minor differences, but it is made out of real wood and metal not from plastic as the SG9, so probably that´s where the price difference comes from.


It also depends on the free space you have or have not. Wall farms have fixed dimensions, but Smart Gardens can be moved around the house with no problems.
There is also a new product available that might interest you Smart Garden 21 to be pre-ordered. Price per hole is reasonable.


Can’t view that as I’m not in Europe. How much is it going for?

I apologize, apparently this pre order offer is available only for EU.
Full price is 299.95€.

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I own both and the lights are very different.

The SG9 uses a uniform white light, the wall farms use separate white and red lights as can be seen in here:

The wall farms as a result don’t look very natural since they have different color lights shining down.

Other differences:

  • The wall farm flashes its lights when the water is low
  • Each shelf is far larger (as can be seen from the picture)
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I have a SG9 and it has alternating red lights.

Oh, my wife tells me we have an SG3. Sorry

hi what does the smart garden 21 look like?

When will the smart garden 21 be available to the US? Can you please send a picture? How much does it cost?

Hello? Please answer.

Hi, here’s a screenshot of SG21, that is available for pre ordering atm in the EU. It is difficult to say when it will be available in the US.


Hey @Mirjam when will this and the wall stand be available to the USA?