Greenhouse for the C&G 9

Hello all! First post.

I thought I would try a basement garden to bring some life to the Day Cave (home office), but being a little chilly down here a mini greenhouse seemed the way to go. Through sheer luck and serendipity, I found out a greenhouse from our favourite Swedish store fits the Click and Grow 9 like a glow. Almost literally.

I put a 3x20" seedling starter mat underneath to see if that keeps the temperature up at night. I still need to do some cable management and such. Just ensure you have the larger of the two sizes.


Hi @bradc

Welcome to the community.
This is sublime! Thanks for sharing this hack.
I know a lot of cat and dog parents that will find this very helpful.
And looks like the smaller version of ÅKERBÄR greenhouse will hold Smart Garden 3 quite nicely.

This works well in colder spaces, keeping the warmth in the greenhouse. Although I’d point out the possibility of low airflow and the need to open the greenhouse window if it starts to get very humid in there.
And also check the water temperature from time to time. The water might become too warm for the plants.

Would love to see how the plants are doing after a month :slight_smile:
Good luck!

@Debora i thought the LEDs need a good bit of fresh air to not overheat. wouldn’t that be a problem?

side node… how about Click & Grow teaming up with IKEA on a cooperation there :wink:

@AssetBurned You have a point, but let’s find out from the author of this post. LEDs emit less heat than other light bulbs but it needs some ventilation, true!

@bradc How is the setup working out so far?
I’m very close to ordering this for myself too, after my cat pushed my seedling tray off the counter :smiley: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi @bradc,
very cool setup! :herb: Could you give us any update on how this project is going at the moment?
I think we all would appreciate that! :pray:
Best wishes