Hello, I'm a newbie with SG9

I’m very excited to start my own garden at home with SG9 and just planted Lavender, Moss Rose, and Wild Strawberries (I kept the basic 3 plants at shelf :)). And only after 2 days my moss rose and lavender startec germinate :)!! I’m posting my 2 days old moss roses’ pic and now 5 days old moss roses and lavenders. Very excited to see them and will keep on posting :wink:


Welcome to the community @joann883,

Really happy to see that your growing experience has such a fast start. Are you also using the app to receive timed tips for your plants? Also, you can read general information about the plants under the plant catalog there, without registering your plant pods.

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Thank you for your warm welcome :slight_smile:. Yes, I did download the app and using it, but did not know it also provide timed tips! So the tips on plant will automatically change according to my plant age? Very interesting! I’ve been wondering about thining my lavender and moss rose, is it seem necessary?