Dwarf Lavender Varieties on SG9 in tropical Singapore

Here is a picture of my experimental batch of lavenders grown from seeds on the SG9.

These are around 11 weeks old.

They are all lavandula angustifolia. The dwarf varieties are Nana alba (white), Ellagance purple and pink, and on the right we have Blue scent and Van Gogh babies which are not yet in bloom.

The spikes are flowering continuously since 3 weeks ago.

I wonder how long before I transplant them to pots? Just afraid that doing so will destroy them as I live in Singapore and lavenders are not native here in our equatorial hot and humid climate.

Comments welcome!


Nice experiment! If you are looking into transplanting them and keeping them around them as perennials it should be done now. Later, the roots may be damaged and too old (brown) and transplanting may not be successful. Also, if you plant them it is recommended to prune the plant and definitely remove the flowers- this way the plant will have more strength to root in new soil.

How many seeds did you add per pod?

I was wondering why do you keep foil on the garden lid?


Thanks for the advice, @Mirjam. I will transplant them into pots.

I only put two seeds per pod. But I cull the weaker one if I get two seedlings. Of course it is always such a shame to cull one when I get two exceptional seedlings.

I had tomatoes and yellow peppers on my SG9. When they were bearing fruits, the entire crop was decimated by a whiteflies infestation. It was bitterly heartbreaking.

When I started the lavender seed into experimental pods I laid the foil on the ground as in pic. Some resources on the web suggested that this might be a good way to prevent the whiteflies from landing as it disorientates them. I don’t really know if that is the mechanism but it seems to be working…

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Hello. I am new to this forum and read your post with great interest as I am from a tropical country as well. I was wondering how your lavender plants are? How did they do in pots?

Hi there! What a wonderful post and fills me with promise since I just started my own lavender “garden” with an SG3. 4 days in, and my seeds have germinated already! I can see what I believe is the hypocotyl slowly peeking thru the soil in an encouraging burst of light green.

I have a really quick question on overcrowding: One of the capsules appears to have (maybe I am overly optimistic) 4 hypocotyls and I am concerned about crowding and depletion of nutrients leading to a shorter lifespan of the plant in the SG3. While it might be a bit too early to say if all of the little baby plants will continue to be robust in their germination and growth, I was wondering how many seedlings per capsule should ideally remain to optimise growth for Lavender.

Additionally, how do I commit ‘planticide’ for the ones that might be ordained as too weak/not as strong? I just yank it out? Haha yikes !

Thanks for reading and hope everyone is well and happy gardening during covid-19.