Nearly 6 weeks in. Should I be worried for my Parsley?

I started out with 6 Flat-leafed Parsley and 3 chilli peppers. 6 weeks in, the Parsley has barely grown and do not appear very sturdy. On the other hand, the chilli peppers are towering over the Parsley. How can I help the Parsley survive?


It is good to have you growing with us!
I can’t help not to notice but the LED light seems to be too close to the surface. Are you using the extension arms that come with the product? For Smart Garden 9 the extension arms should be on all times.

The plants are getting uneven light, so probably that’s why the parsley has stopped growing.
Adjust the lamp and if you need any further assistance contact the Click and Grow Support team. Adjusting the lamp should help you grow your plants.

You can always change the placement of cups, and if anyone starts shading others you can try to remove some of the overlapping leaves.