Unequal growth rates

One out of my three basil plants isn’t growing as well as the other two. They all have the same light and water, so why would this happen?

Hello @Macoball

It is smaller but I don’t see anything unusual about this. Plants can grow at different rates depending on the germination time and the plant’s well-being.

Also it’s time to raise the lamp, add one extension, and see how they grow bigger :wink:

Soon you’ll be harvesting fresh homegrown basil

Thank you so much for the reply! Regarding the lamp extension- the instructions in the booklet say to add the lamp extension when the plants reach the height of the lamp. They’re only about halfway there at this point. Should I still add the extension?

Yes, for Smart Garden 3 it’s recommended to start without extension But it’s fine to have it on a higher setting too from the start, the plants still get enough light to grow.
It’s best to raise it before the plant touches the lights, because the light may burn the leaves.

Hello Debra,
Ok, that makes sense! Thanks again for the response and helpful insight. :smiley:
Happy growing!

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