Here’s what one of the customers offers:

"Right now, both extensions are the same size – they each add 13 cm to the lamp height. Without any extensions, the basic lamp height is 8 cm so adding one extension raises the lamp height to 21 cm, an increase of over 150%, which is just too much. If the extensions were different sizes, say 10 cm and 16 cm for example, then there would be more flexible choices for increasing the lamp height. You could have any of the following lamp heights:

  • 8 cm (basic with no extension)
  • 18 cm (basic + 10 cm extension)
  • 24 cm (basic + 16 cm extension)
  • 30 cm (basic + 10 cm and 16 cm extensions)

I would be interested to hear what your designers think of this idea.


I always use only one extension. I would advice cutting plants.
If you put too many extensions, the light will be distributed by a much wider area, and the intensity will go down. Therefore growth rates drop.

Be a gardener - cut and trim your plants!

Thank you for sharing this idea!
I also use only one extension. Only Yellow Chili need 2 extensions while it is fruiting.