Help! My parsley did not grow at all

I am really looking forward to harvest some parsley in my house. And I thought my first pod of parsley has some issues. But apparently after trying out my 2nd and 3rd pod, still nothing.
It has been 1 month.
My other plants like basil and chili (like finally I am seeig some chilis) are growing well.
Help please! I wonder what really happened. Is it due to our Singapore weather?


so sorry to see that your parsley pods are not sprouting!

Parsley may need upto 3 weeks to sprout, but in your case this time has passed.

My first guess is that something has happened to the seeds. Could it be that the seeds are lost? Parsley is not heat intolerant, so it has probably nothing to do with the hot climate you have there.

Anyways, definitely contact support and you will get new pods for free.
You can do this here: Here

Let us know if you have any more questions!

Btw, that chili plant looks so healthy!

I guess so… after reading the forum topics here on growing parsley. I first thought that parsley will take longer than my chili and basil.
Am looking forward to see how my chili will turn out to be :smile:
Am still determine to grow parsley… With the new pods.
Thanks for replying, Mirjam!

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