Sweet Alyssum (SG3) and Purple Chili(SG9) not sprouting even after 2 Weeks

I have installed an SG3 - with Sweet Alyssum and SG9 with Mini Tomato, Yellow Sweet Peppers and Purple Chii plant pods at my home in PUNE India on 22nd and 23rd August respectively.

In SG3 out of 3 Sweet Alyssum plant pods one is not sprouting at all. And in SG9 one of the Purple chili plant is not sprouted at all. There is greenish liquid seen - I guess is green moss… not sure…I have taken the pictures which I have posted here…

Rest of the plants are doing great!! I have also thinned the Mini Tomato and yellow Pepper and chili to have only one strong plant growing…

Please let me know what should be done now ? do we wait more to sprout ?

Thank you.
Manisha Tidke

Really sorry to hear that you have encountered to some germination problems.

Two weeks+ is adequate period of time for Sweet Alyssum to germinate, though Purple chili may need even longer.

What is the temperature range?
High temps encourage germination on chili pods (I would give it some more time, if there are seeds visible in the pod). On the other hand, high temps may reduce viability of Sweet Alyssum seeds, if it has not sprouted during that time it will probably not.

Anyways, please register you problem with pods here: https://support.clickandgrow.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
It is a common manner for Click and Grow to replace problematic plant pods for free.

Green algae is common to occur on moist and nutrient rich substrate that is exposed to light. It is harmless to plants and seeds.

Please let us know if you have more questions!



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Thanks Mirjam, for your quick and informative reply !

Will wait some more days for Purple chili.
The temperature range in Pune is as follows:

August Min 24°C Max 28°C
September Min 25°C Max 30°C

Can I replant the extra sprouts in the SG9 - Yellow pepper in the pod of Purple chili if it does not sprout in coming week ?



the temperature range is perfect for chilies and peppers.

It is a good idea to transplant extra plant to the empty pod, that did not sprout. That really makes good use of a pod that did not sprout.

Happy growing!