Hi, I’ve been growing the peppermint for more than 60 days and although it has sprouted, the growth is pretty stunted. I’m wondering if I’ve done something wrongly and what could I do to facilitate

the proper growth?


It seems that your peppermint has been forced to grow in shade. This is why it looks so fragile and leggy. Plants really need light to grow.

It seems that other plants in your garden set are simply too large/tall and are stealing the light.
Also, how high is the lamp?

Yes. Seems like the lack of light. This is not normal growth.
Is the lamp in the lowest or highest position?

Maybe you can just remove some leaves of the other plant and the tiny one would be in full sunshine?

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The lamp is at the highest position to accommodate the taller basil plants. I’ve tried to swap the plants around so the smaller mint plant will not be blocked. I’ll try your suggestion as well. Thanks.




It is usually a good idea to keep the plants in the garden the same age (or height at least). Maybe it’s time to change or cut the basils?