Plants grow leggy

Plants generally look great in machine. When I repot then they get very leggy and not bushy

Why is that ?

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this leggy growth has probably occurred due to lack of light or too high temperature range. Pansy is also sensitive to high temperatures and that usually promotes leggy growth, especially if there is a lack of light.

What could do is to cut it back and leave 1/3 to grow, place it to cooler conditions (up to 26 C) in a well lit conditions. It would regrow soon. Also, as you have replanted it, don’t forget to feed it.

Brian Moss
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Brian Moss
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Hi @Bmclick,

it seems that your basil is suffering from nutrient deficiencies and is also aged. Also, your mint would benefit from cutting it back and some basic plant feed.

Here is a blog post about repotting plant pods and what to keep in mind while doing it. I hope you find it helpful