Lavender drooping

Hi! I have been growing lavender for the first time for about 40 days now. They were doing great initially. I noticed lavender consumed very little water. For close to 30 days from germination I didn’t refill the tank and there was still water left. They looked like this at 33 days:

However because the tank was empty I filled it and that full tank was consumed by the plants in 2 days! Then they started to droop so I stopped refilling the tank even though it went empty, but this morning they are looking very much worse for wear:

Just before this they were starting to show little flower buds too, so I am desperate to save them! They were doing so well before!

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Thank you for sharing the story with your lavender plants! It is normal that plants start to consume more water as they grow and we recommend fill up the water tank regularly. It needs to be done more often with bigger plants.
If you want your Lavender to flower - don´t cut it. But feel free to cut it back after flowering, new growth and flower stems will appear soon. This way you can keep your Lavender fresh up to 4 months.
I do recommend to keep an eye on the plant as the leaves still look green and healthy. It should continue to grow and hopefully you will see these flower buds blossom soon. It is also normal that the stems don’t grow upwards anymore as they are quite long already.


Hi Krete,

Thanks so much, appreciate your reply! I was worried about too much water as I read lavender does not like waterlogged roots.

I am looking forward to the flowers.