Lavender got burnt? virus? or normal?

hi everyone
my lavender was planted 32 ago.
it seems already for the past 3 weeks
however, many leaves become white in colour in this week (some of them i already removed)

is it something wrong with them?

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Hi @billy

Lavender is sensitive to moisture, how’s the water level? This kind of damage can also be caused by rootbound, as the germination rate has been quite high. It does not seem like a disease or pest damage to me.

I would trim some of those stems back and monitor new growth.

i usually keep my water level more than half.
is it ok? is it too much ?

i have cut those turn yellow / unhealth one already. do i need to in general trim whole plant?

thank you for your reply

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It’s ok for the smart garden 9.

If you wish to allow flower buds to form, trim back just the damaged stems. Though, it takes patience to see the flowers- if this is your goal. If you grow Lavender just for the scent, trim back the whole pod- it really encourages new growth to come.

Your apple mint could also use some trimming, it will regrow and give you more yield soon again.

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