Lace Fern - Is it time to give up?

According to my Click and Grow app I have had my Lace Fern pod in the garden for about 45 days and nothing has sprouted yet. I know that this pod has one of Click and Grow’s longest germination rates and to expect it to sprout in 28-35 days. Since its been over 10 days should I give up and consider my pod as a dud? Note that I live in a VERY HOT CONDO, even in the winter time, so I don’t think temperature was a hinderance to it germinating especially since other plants are growing so well.

Any thoughts would be appreciated

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Hi @SpicyPepper really sorry to hear your Lace Fern refuses to sprout in time.

45 days is a long time and it would make sense to submit a ticket to the support and receive free pods to replace those faulty ones.

Just out of curiosity, could you check if the seeds are sown at the surface of the plant pod or in the center/inside the plant pod? It might be a bit messy. Only asking, as we recently changed the method of how we make plant pods for Lace Fern, due to quality issues. Your feedback and experience are really important for our Gardeners team to make even better plant pods.
Thanks in advance!

Hi Mirjam,

Thanks for your reply.

I just split open the pod and from what I can tell there were 3 seeds that were sown at the surface (one right at the top and the other 2 with < 3 mm of pod growing media overtop). There may have been more seed but the ones i saw were “squishy” and degraded, so if I missed any its probably because they were further along the decaying process.

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Thanks for getting back to me @SpicyPepper

Indeed, it is likely it was an earlier version of how we made Lace Fern plant pods and I’m really sorry for the inconvenience. We recently made changes in how we make plant pods and the quality problem is now solved.
Definitely submit a ticket to the support team about those faulty pods, and many thanks for digging into the plant pods.