No visible seeds in one of my pods

Hello! I am new with Click&Grow and we just started growing Yellow Peppers. However, we cannot see any seed in one out of 3 pods we got. Is that possible? We looked into the soil a bit and did not find any. Is it possible that they are that deep inside? Or shall we just take seeds from pepper we have our fridge and place them there? :smile:
Thanks a lot

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Hi @Marketa,

It is possible, that you can’t find the seeds in the smart soil. No need to be alarmed, most of the seeds are not visible. Just click it in, peppers may need 3 weeks to sprout.


I’ve planted apple mint pods for about 2 weeks but there seems to be nothing sprouted. The temperature is about 24°C to 30°C. I’ve tried to look for seeds in the pods by digging the soil but I can’t find any seeds in it. It’s odd considering nothing sprouted while I have another basil pod which is growing well.

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Hi @ZY_99

Mints may need upto 3 weeks to sprout and the seedlings are super tiny and fragile and may be difficult to see at first.

The same goes for seeds, they are dust-like and the same color as the soil- so, impossible to find bare eyes.

If nothing shows sprouting within a week, definitely submit a ticket to the support and they will replace a faulty pod for free.

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