Tomato still green

I’m wondering how long until mini tomatoes start to change color or if there’s anything I need to do to facilitate this?

I’ve had rather large mini-green tomatoes for a few weeks but there is not even a sign of color change.


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Yes, they tend to take their time. Maybe you can provide a picture?

If the green tomato is full grown, it might be a matter of week or 2 weeks.
Also an option is to pick green tomatoes off and put them together in a bowl with ripe bananas or pears. Avoid sunlight.
The natural ethylene coming from these fruits will make the tomatoes turn red really fast.

It just takes some time to the tomato fruits to mature. I would just leave them as they are and not to force anything. Once the green turns a bit pale it will change color to red quite fast :slight_smile:

Avoid sunlight? Wow, that’s news to me. I thought keeping them in the sun will help them ripen faster.

A paper bag with banana inside

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Priit, do you really pick green CG tomatoes and put them in a bag with some bananas? :joy: you really have no patience? :slight_smile:


Yes, I know! But then again making tomatoes ripe is hard for a plant. If you want to keep the plant alive it might help.

Hahaa maybe you are right, making tomato babies is hard work for a tiny plant :smiley:

Hello @priit. Does this trick work for strawberries too. (I am also worried that the banana might crush the strawberries)

You can put the strawberries on top of the ripe banana. It should work for just about any fruit.

It should work on some extent on strawberries too…

Hi @priit How long does this take (i just tried but j wanna know how long will it take

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Unfortunately I tried on two half red strawberries and it did not work

yeah. sorry to hear. I haven’t tested on strawberries myself.

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