Tomato wilting

Hi, my tomato plant leaves are wilting and turning brown. In the photo a younger tomato plant that hasn’t bloomed yet looks healthier. Will my tomatoes still ripen? Is there something I can fertilize them with?

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Hi @CindyS ,

Full-size green fruits on the left side of the garden will mature, as they have turned from deep green to pale- it will show some red color soon. As the fruits mature, it is only natural that the plant starts to degrade, as it is using up all the nutrients as it should.

If all leaves wilt at the same time, there might be an issue with roots and/or water level (not a problem with fertilizer), always make sure you add as much water to the tank that the float never rises higher than the garden lid.
Also, please follow timed care tips via app or general care tips on the product page. Tomato pods require thinning and pollinating. Does it seem the pod on the right is not thinned? If more than one tomato plants grow per pod there may be problems with root space and also nutrients.
For fruiting plants, we recently launched pro cups. It is a perforated plant cut that allows the roots to grow freely allows better air circulation, this generally leads to better plant health, especially for plants that need more time to thrive, e.g. tomato.

Thanks Mirjam,

For the pro cups it says more cleaning is required. Does this just mean cleaning the water tank?