Romaine Lettuce falling to the side and growing thin

I own the Smart Garden 3. I recently planted Romaine Lettuce and it was growing well. I raised the lamp and now the plant is falling to the side and growing very thin. Looks nothing like Romaine Lettuce. Is there something I am doing wrong?

Maybe too hot? Or maybe move closer to a window. @Mirjam, what do you think?

I am having the same exact problem with my SG9. And this is my second attempt with the same results. And yes, it looks nothing like romaine lettuce!

Sorry to hear that. It is usually related to hot temperatures and the lack of light. What is the temperature of your room @QueenM?

It actually had lots of light and stays around 75° - 78°. But I read somewhere that the lettuce grows very quickly and must be harvested right away when at its peak.

78°F is quite warm for lettuces. Romaine lettuce should tolerate this, but you can see the results.
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