Pests or other problem?

Hi all, I have my CG9 garden for 5 weeks already, this week I was planning on harvesting my first Romaine lettuce, but I noticed some weird dots on the leaves. Could those be pests? In this case should I throw the whole plant away and even the healthy part is not eatable? And what should I do with the rest of the plants?
Thanks in advance.

Hey @Alex!

Welcome to the forum. Good to have you growing with us. :four_leaf_clover:

These white speckles do look like pests. Seem to be a little bit easier to remove than some pests. It is best to clean the whole garden and disinfect the surfaces. These pests seem to be removed from plants by washing delicately with water. The romaine lettuce can be still consumed.
Are the white dots moving or if wiped off does it feel like a powdery texture?

It seems like you can start harvesting even earlier than 5 weeks because the plants look already aged and have some brown spots. Brown edges and yellowing are very likely to happen because of the high temperatures and low airflow near plants. The lettuces like colder temperatures, not over 24°C/75°F. They look a bit crowded too, but it’s because of the higher amount of germinated seeds. Usually, the plant app tells only to thin fruiting plants and some flowers, but you can try to thin the lettuce to 2-3 sprouts per pod.

Other plants seem to grow nicely! :slight_smile:
Looking forward to hear from you.