Little black dots on Green Lettuce leaves


I planted green lettuce in my Smart Garden 3 almost two weeks ago. It has been growing really well and fast, except for these little small dots that have been appearing on the leaves. It first started as what appeared to be burned edges on the outer leaves, so i figured the light was too low. After I added the light extension, everything seemed fine but then these little dots have appeared on the leaves. I cant seem to find any bugs, or fungus. What can this be???

I also had this problem growing my pak choi just it spread to most of the leaves and many of the leaves turned yellow


unfortunately this is not just tip burn, but can be thrips or even aphids.

Remove affected leaves asap and monitor all the plants really carefully. If there is no actual colony yet you can still get rid of them. Otherwise it is a real pain to have pests indoors.

More info here.