Day 4 Romaine



Surprised I can grow things in the frigid cold of a Calgary,Alberta Canada



Nice germination. What is your indoor temp there now? Lettuce generally likes somewhat cooler conditions.


21 Celsius when I’m at home and awake. But that’s only from 6am to 7am and 5pm to 9pm. The rest of the day I have the heat down and let it drop to around ~17-18.


That is perfect for lettuces. You are very lucky to have this temperature range for salad greens :smiley: .


Day 5. In order: Romaine, tomatoes, basil


Day 8


Day 12. Basil in the foreground, romaine in the middle, and tomatoes off in the distance.


Day 14. Tomatoes are experiencing a growth spurt. Basil is slow and steady. And lettuce is growing like weeds.

Makes me want a second garden. If only I could afford it :frowning: