What is your favourite plant to grow?


Hi, what is your favourite plant to grow in the Click & Grow and why?

My absolute favourite is cilantro. It’s rather difficult to grow (didn’t sprout twice in my previous tests before Click & Grow), but it goes with everything and is one of my favourite herbs EVER.

Second favourite is basil. Grows super fast and the smell of it makes everything taste better imho.

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Green basil/dwarf basil. Def.


I’ve just started my 9x pod garden, ordered a few days after seeing very healthy basil grow in the 3x, and now I’m rooting for the mini tomatoes… so far the basil seems to be the most prolific of the plant types in the starter kits. One of the tomatoes has only just barely sprouted. Everything else sprouted much faster, but I’ll be a lot more excited to eat the tomatoes than lettuce or basil!

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Yeah, I think tomatoes take longer. Have you replanted the basils you’ve grown in the 3x garden previously? I’ve consumed all of mine, but now I’m thinking about possibly replanting the next batch


Thyme- I have 3 pods in my SG9 atm and it keeps giving even after 3 months. I cut it back weekly for my tomato soup and it grows back so fast. I’m so glad I started cutting it 3 weeks after planting- it seems herbs really like to be cut. (a tip I found on CG page under ‘plant care’) :wink:

Polka Dot Plant - my favorite ornamental plant. It produces to debris at all and the spots are fun to watch.


Tomatoes are nice indeed. But you can get them from every grocery store.
I think really cool plants are for example cockscomb (unreal), marjoram (ohh, the smell), painted nettle (beautiful from the very start).

Or maybe even grow hyssop as a bonsai :wink:


I’m only about 3 or 4 weeks into Click&Grow, so no, I haven’t ever replanted yet. I was shocked by how quickly the basil grew into looks like a full plant. Pretty sure I should be trimming it regularly but I’m really new at this, so… TBH I don’t use a lot of herbs but now I guess I will start!


does cockscomb last long? I’m thinking of growing it next, maybe…

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Garden sage. It is the most powerful herbal remedy out there. I’t said to help even against plague :slight_smile:
However the seeds can be tricky - they tend to fall loose if the pod is transported around the globe. So you have to carefully see, if they are in the right place.

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Someone claimed that cockscomb is edible btw, have you tried it?

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I really liked my Cornflower. It was pretty and blue. Also, I read that it can be added to tea blends (that was nice).
Next I’m hoping to try all salad greens that Click and Grow has to offer.


I really like yellow peppers - they look so happy and cute! I also really like the flowers of pepper plants, so they are not only edible but look good also.

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Actually spruce and rosemary seem to work fantastic. They grow for a long time and need basically no care. That is the trait I seek in my houseplants.


I was just looking around our R&D facilities. I think Painted nettle and hyssop really deserve more attention. They are fantastic growers.
PS! More Painted nettle cultivars coming soon.