Packaging issue for 9-packs

I recently received my C&G set, with both 3-packs and 9-packs of plant pods.

I do not know if the postal service have handled the package to roughly, but the 9-packs have are seeds all over the package, and some of the pods seems empty.

Have anyone had the same problem?

Seeds? Seeds usually dont drop out of the smart pod. Those are probably the slow releasing fertilisers.

They colours are usually in green or red. They look like silica gel.

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In the “Steak Seasoning Mix 9-pack”, there was a lot of coriander seeds in the box, and I am quite sure, there where parsley seeds as well.

Other commenters said they thought some of mine were the slow releasing fertilizer, but I pushed that “fertilizer” into the pod & it’s growing a tomato sprout…so you’re right, they could be seeds!