2 plants in one pod / solution for seeds mixing in pod sets


3 weeks ago I received 2 sets of CNG pod mixes: one Grill and Steak, and one Fruit and Veggie. Although I appreciate a lot the sustainable packaging, the problem with the both packages were that many seeds were loose in the box, and I had to somehow figure it out my self which seed belongs to which pod. It was really not obvious! Would be good to fix this somehow or include pictures of the seeds on the website/package, so that if they are loose it would be easier to identify.
The result of such packaging that I have now is in one pod I have two plants :slight_smile: My thyme pod contains one sprout of parsley - what should I do with it? Leave it? Thanks! image|375x500


Hi @SabinaKub , sorry to hear that so many seeds were loose. Usually, the seeds are nicely intact, but yes, if the packages get a rough treatment they may become loose.
Was it raw plain seeds that were loose, or perhaps fertilizer prills, that are mostly yellow and round.
About that parsley, I would probably remove it, as very soon, it may steal the light from your thyme.
Many thanks for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks for the awesome information.

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thanks, my issue has been fixed.

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