Missing from app - Asian Mix and Calming Tea Blend

These have been sent to me with my order and they’re not listed as titled in the catalog. Does that mean that when I open the box each plant in the mix or tea blend will be in separate pods? I assumed for instance that the seeds for the 3 plants that are part of the Asian cuisine mix are in 1 pod- Is that correct? I assumed the same about the calming tea.

I have NO EXPERIENCE planting anything so I don’t want to mess up. I have tons of edible pods since I got the subscription so I just want to understand. Thanks.


Hey, in those mixes you’re gonna have 3 different plants, each in their own pods. For example, in the Asian Cuisine Mix, you’ll have 3 Pak Choi, 3 Mubina, and 3 Red Kale. When you open the box, if you lift up the individual plant pods, one in each row, it’ll tell you which plants are in which pods. Also, in the App, they won’t be listed together, as I thought they would be too. They’re just listed as their own plants individually. I’ll put a picture of mine that I opened last month so you can see it. I hope this helps you!


Thank you!

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No problem!