Help identifying plants!


I purchased two pods on amazon and they don’t look at all like they should. Can you identify these two plants ? Thanks! !


Thyme and romaine lettuce.
They look okay to me. How old are they?
Is this a SHG or SG3?


I’m not sure what that means. The Romaine was supposed to be the dill! We ordered dill and thyme so I guess we got romaine instead of dill! They are about a month old. Thanks for your help!


Sorry you received the wrong pods! You should contact support, they will send you the right pods free of charge:


I did that, just wasn’t sure what plant I was missing ! They are sending me replacement dill.


Yep, that’s not dill :smiley:


Don’t the packaging clearly indicate the type of plant?

When you say they send the wrong plant, do you mean they put romaine seeds in dill packaging?