Maximum number of parsley seedlings a pod in an SG3 can support?

There were a lot of parsley seeds in the loose peat in a 9-pack’s cardboard box by the time I was ready to start the last 3 pods. Since I have another 9 pods waiting their turn in my SG3s I dropped the loose seeds into those 3. They were all eager to germinate, esp those in the end pods that not surprisingly are practically choking each other now. How many can a pod support?

I think this pic looks great!
A pod can support very meny (50.100) seeds for herbs.

More seeds gives good results faster, but their life is not that long.
Onve the leaves start loosing color, the nutrients are ending.

But however - this looks good and parsley works great with lots of seeds.

That many??? I had to thin the plants due to yellowing leaves when I grew parsley in my SHGs. Once I did that the remaining plants greened up again.

Those particular pod packs may have been purchased in Feb of 2016—not sure now since I’ve bought parsley a few times. Have they improved the pods themselves since then?

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Yes, the plant pods and nutrient recipes are being improved all the time.
If you want the plant to last long - thin.
If you want a lot of produce quick - use more seeds.

The average Click & Grow pod is a mix between the 2 options.