Dirt in my garden!

Over the winter, my husband asked if he could use my click and grow. Sure (1st mistake). I even gave him some pods with no seeds to get him started. I didn’t watch or supervise (mistake #2). When I looked, he’d packed the white cups with dirt! There was dirt in the water reservoir! There was dirt everywhere! I cleaned everything out, filled with water and clicked in 3 parsley plants (pods w/ seeds) and waited. One is growing. Other two, nothing. Planted 3 more pods and seeds. Nothing at all. I looked over everything and I’m wondering if the stems of the white pots could be clogged somehow. I’ve never had any problem with all pods growing perfectly. So I’m looking for possible suggestions of what could be wrong, and I also don’t see where you can buy more of the special white pots. Thanks…happy growing.

Hi Ginamarie

Please try this - Pro Plant Cups - perforated cups for increased yield (9 pcs) – Click & Grow EU

As regards your existing plant cups, have you considered using a straw brush (long thin brush) that cleans out the stems?



Thank you so much for your reply…I wasn’t sure about if there was supposed to be anything in the stems, it looks like there’s a mesh filter in the stem. I’ll take another look, and may be ordering the pots you suggested. Again, thank you so much !!!


Hi @Ginamarie!

Do you have smart garden 3 or 9? I’ll attach a tutorial on how to clean an Sg9 water tank. If you have washed the water tank and plant cups, they should be ready to use again. How To Open Your Smart Garden 9 Water Tank - YouTube
Are CG soils getting wet? If soils are not getting wet in 2 hours, it’s probably time to replace the wicks.

Let us know, how it’s going :slight_smile: