Question about C&G9 equipment?

Hello! I received my C & G garden less than a week ago, and 8 of my 9 plants are already sprouting (!!!)

I know that it’s about time for me to remove the germination domes, but I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to remove the white cup covers as well? Or do I remove those at some point later in the growth process?

My instinct is to remove the domes, but leave the covers for a little while longer?
It seems like at some point the plants would grow better without them, but I’m not sure when?

Any help/advice from someone who has been here before is much appreciated!
Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Hello @bethy!
Nice to have you growing with us.

Your instinct is right. Domes can be removed asap and the white lids are best to leave on until the plants’ life cycle end. When inserting new pods remember to add domes and lids back on. :slight_smile:

White lids hold the plants in place and help to keep the moisture, also to cover the soil part for visual appeal.

True, that at one point the roots may grow rapidly lifting the lid but it’s still okay to leave it there.



Yes leave the white part on. You may see some mold growing not the pods, but if you have the white lids on you will see that the covered part is usually not affected. (there are already some postings here, generally cinnamon powder helps to avoid mold, but wait with it till you have a bit of green coming out already)

CU AssetBurned :wink:

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