My Grandma's CG9

This is my grandma’s CG9, she’s only one of my many loved ones that have jumped onto the C&G train. She sends me photos sometimes and yesterday she sent me this one. I told her to take out the second extension because she shouldn’t be needing it with only basil, lettuce, and tomato. She told me she only put it on 3 days ago because her tomatoes were touching the light bar. Obviously we’re dealing with stretched growth. Just not sure what is causing it. Any ideas? :slight_smile:


Such a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing and happy growing to you and all your loved ones.
Is your grandmother growing yellow or red mini tomatoes? They are different cultivars and the yellow tomato tends to grow taller. Also, what’s the temperature like in her home?
Another tip for her - she could align the extensions with the groove (for the power cord) with the groove on the water tank. This way the power cord could be tucked into the groove & the garden will look more sleek.


My grandma is growing both. One yellow and two red tomatoes. I will ask her about temperature. I will tell her about the cord. I honestly didn’t even see that. Lol. But I DID see that she took the white plastic lids off which I told her to leave on in the future.


Update, she keeps the house at 70°f during the day and 66°f at night. She had no idea you could hide the cord in the groove, so she liked that. She also threw away the domes and lids. I told her to save them when she first got her CG9 but I think she forgot. :slight_smile: does C&G sell replacement lids and domes?

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You will find that in the accessories section of C&G webbshop.


Lol probably should have looked there first, however I am now asking if C&G sells the plastic lids separately like they do the domes?

I’m afraid that the u-shape lids only come with the plastic cup.

Maybe, if you ask the support very nicely, they can arrange something, maybe…

May I ask what happened to your lids?


I would LOVE IT if I could ask nicely and possibly make that happen. They are for my grandma. I stressed to her when she first got her CG9 not to throw anything away, specifically the little plastic domes. She kept them. But the lids seemed disposable to her I guess. Not sure why they ever got taken off. I told her not to throw ANYTHING away. But she only remembered me saying that about the domes. Should I contact them through the support email? :slight_smile:


It can happen to everyone :slight_smile:

Yes, it would make sense to contact them via request.