Cleaning unit before new pod or a few times a year?

I just purchased a Click and Grow 9 and am confused on how often I should clean the unit.

I came across a support article which recommends cleaning the unit when adding a new pod, but also read that cleaning the unit a few times a year is fine too.

If I plant pods that have different harvesting times (chives vs peppers) and replace the plants that have died with new pods while keeping the growing plants in the unit, when should I clean the unit? Do I clean it literally every time I replace a pod or do it every few months? Thanks so much for the help.

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Few times a year is enough. Check and clean the wicks everytime you plant new pods. It’s also good to check the new pod 24h after plating that it’s moist. The wicks will stop working at some point so it’s important to keep a keen eye on them.


Thank you so much for you help!