Garden maintenance and cleaning

So, you have successfully grown one or more plants and would like to start fresh with a new plant pod.

We recommend cleaning the product before inserting a new pod. Just pour out the water from the unit and rinse the water reservoir carefully with warm (not too hot) water. You may add a little amount of detergent as well. Rinse again thoroughly and dry it gently with a paper towel.

Also, don’t forget to clean the cavities as they are re-usable!

All of our countertop gardens are machine-washable, but do not use temperature higher than 60°C / 140°F. Please remove the lamp before putting the product into dishwasher. If possible, don’t put the U-shaped lids into the washing machine and make sure to remove the wicks before as well.

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If you are having problems with opening the lid of the garden, there are simple instructions for this here.

The water tank needs to be cleaned time after time and to do that you need to remove the lid, so you can thoroughly wash the tank box, float and lid itself.

See photos and follow instructions to remove the lid.

First you need to take out the float. Make sure there is no water in the tank and turn it upside down, and protect the float from falling out!

When you have taken the float out, place your hand in the float hole, holding the longer side of the garden towards you. Gently add more pressure to lift the lid.

It takes some strength to remove the lid. The lid itself is indeed strong, but make sure to add strength smoothly, so you won’t cause any harm to your lid.


What happens if I don’t remove the wicks before washing?

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Sorry for not replying earlier!

We recommend wicks are removed. If you wash the wicks with detergent, the detergent then can end up in your SmartSoil and plants. That would not be good!


Started using my smart garden at Christmas and it’s going well. Lettuces are almost ready to harvest and tomatoes and basil are developing.
Does there come a point when the water tank should be emptied and cleaned out?

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Hi, good question @Colette,

It should be fine if the tank is cleaned a couple of times per year, depending on the tap water quality and how much debris or roots grow inside the water tank.

Normal cups- cleaning a couple of times per year is fine
Pro cups- perforated pro cups allow roots to grow inside the water tank. Cleaning it from roots and debris between each cycle is recommended.