How often should I change the wicks



Hey, I just wanted to see how often the wicks should be changed in the gardens?


The rule is to replace wicks if they fail to transport water to the plant pod. Also, it is important to make sure it is a wick problem only (not caused by rootbound etc).

Wicks are meant to last for 2 years, after that the ability to transport water may be reduced (but still enough for plants to grow).
There is no rule for wicks’ longevity- it strongly depends on the water quality and how actively the garden is in use.


I have never changed a wick. But it seems that it depends on the water quality a lot. The wick works as a filter. It allows you to use low quality water. Unfortunately it can get glogged if there are many solids in the water.


Absolutely, I have been using one garden about three years now and new pods still get wet in 2 hours- so I would say they still work perfectly.


I’m rounding on 2 years and so far so good - haven’t yet had to change my wicks either!


The wicks also work longer when you never let your Smart Garden run out of water.


I don’t have that problem now. But, what if I need new wicks… where can I get new ones?
It does not seem like a product I could simply buy from my local store. Can I buy it from Click and Grow?



Yes, if needed, you can buy some from Click & Grow directly :


Hi, thank you @GoZeph.

Is it easy to change? Would I need tools?


No tools needed, you just have to slip the wick in it, from what I know.


Okay, thanks!


I bought a set of cng cups not knowing there’s soil and basil seeds inside . Actually I only wanted the cups . Problem now is it doesn’t comes with a wick and it’s sold out online . Temporary I’m using 4mm string as a wick . When will the spares be available ?
Thanks .

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Hey! We’re getting new stock shortly (hopefully during this week) but great improvisation on your side!



there are accessories available for Smart Gardens [here] ( and the wicks is suitable for all products.

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