All about wicks

Wicks are the little white sticks that transfer water from the tank to the plant pod.

Wicks are generally very long lasting and do not need to be changed unless you are having some trouble with them.

To make sure your wicks stay working for as long as possible, there are two things that you should keep in mind.

Do not leave any empty cups in the garden

If the cup is empty and there is no soil to receive the water, the wicks may clog up quicker. After removing a plant, we would recommend adding a new one immediately.

If you wish to keep one of the cavities empty, we suggest you remove the cup from the garden and cover the hole so no light would shine directly to the water tank.

Fill you garden to fully each time you water it

Unless you are experiencing mold or algae* in your garden, we would recommend keeping the water level topped up to preserve the wicks as long as possible. We have found that wicks last longer if they are always at least half-way immersed in the water.


Hi, Thanks for the information. Very useful!

I have a quick question.

Do the wicks become less effective in water which is very hard? Can I dip the old wicks overnight in decalcification solution that I use for cleaning espresso machine and then dip in fresh water to make it perform better?

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Thank you for the comment!

The wicks are quite long lasting, but can become less effective and hard over time. We have noticed this when gardens have been left unused for a while. Your option sounds good and could help. We also recommend to wash the wicks with soap and roll them between your fingers to soften.
Finally, we also offer replacement wicks in the web store if you just want to replace them with new ones. Price for the 9 pack is $1.95


Thanks for the info!! Will try to wash them in soap and if that do not activate them fully, will get a pack from the store, with my next order :slight_smile:

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What’s the wicks material? I tried to replace some of then with cotton for test, but i don’t have seeing the same performance :frowning:

I’ve “harvested” my mini-tomato crop and am getting ready for my seed starting experimentation. I’ve cleaned everything but am a tad concerned about the wicks. You can barely see it on my photo but there’s a darkness that runs up 1/4 on one of them (and just the top on another). I’ve cleaned them well but wonder what else I might do. I’m not wild about delaying my project to order new wicks. I can use Dettol or another disinfectant and rinse thoroughly so that any nastiness is cleared even if the dark area remains. What would be your advice?


Meanwhile, here’s the harvest (less a few that are still on the vine):


The vine, you ask. Yup. I did it again. I’ve transplanted all three tomato plants into a pot. Not to keep them going particularly but to let the last bit of fruit ripen if I can. They’re scruffy but hanging in there!

You can see part of the basil next to the tomatoes. It’s a healthy, lovely plant and we periodically give it a haircut (when there’s enough for tea) and it gets fed occasionally. It’s really doing very well. Talk about bang for the buck!!

I’m very, very happy with my experiences with my SG3. What a great purchase that was!!

I hope to hear back about the wick situation.


Be safe.

How do you know when to change the wicks. Can new ones be purchased from click & grow.

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Hi @John1

You’ll know when you start new dry pods and it takes longer than an hour for the pod to become fully moist. If it takes longer it probably will not take up enough water to support the plant.

You can purchase new wicks on Click and Grow website, under accessories.

Hi Miriam,
Thank You for your prompt response.

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