How to clean wicks

At least a couple of my plants (red bell pepper, basil) have roots growing through the wick in my CG 9. How do I clean the wick afterwards, or do I have to buy more? These wicks are in the non-pro cups.

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It depends on how the wigs look like. Just because there was set of roots growing through, doesn’t mean you need to swap the wig.
My wigs had several roots growing through and I still use the first set of wigs. I cut the roots as close as possible to the wig and just give it a rinse. I put the pods in the dish washer and once they are dry I put the wig back into the pod and start a new round.
If I hit a spot where my whole garden is harvested I put everything (except the wigs and the led) into the dish washer.

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Thank you, I’m just going to do my best to clean them, and then reuse.

I soak them in hydrogen peroxide overnight or for twelve hours depending on how they look.

If roots grow through them I replace them. Click & Grow sells them.

As a rule I replace them once a year.

Hope that helps! Happy gardening! :green_heart:


Hi @Sandra

The power of nature can be astonishing, these wildflowers that grow in the cracks of the roads… these roots growing through the wicks are something similar.

Adding to the other community members’ advice - another way is to use vinegar solution with hot water. Emerge the wicks in that solution for some time and it removes most of the dirt and root residue.

For continuous use of the gardens, we do recommend switching the wicks when they start to degrade in the uptake of water. Depending on the water quality and usage it is probably once a year.

Good to have you! :seedling: