Experiments with bush beans?

Did anyone already try to plant bush beans in an C&G experimental Pod?
Do you think that this could work? If so, I’d be happy to try it out in a C&G Experimental Pod!



Hi @philip,

We made some tests in our labs and some dwarf sized bush bean cultivars were actually quite decent, we got a small handful of green pods.
Experimental plant pods’ nutrient scheme should fit beans quite well, but just one plant should grow in one pod. Fun thing about beans is that they are mostly self pollinating.

Anyways, share your findings with as too! :green_heart:

I have grown lots of different things in the experimental pods. Dwarf Moringa, cherry tomatoes, several different kinds of non C&G peppers, spinach, Tatsoi, etc with great results. Haven’t tried bush beans yet. But I have always transferred them
to soil or a hydroponic unit after a couple months.

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