Anyone had any luck with Bush cucumbers growing in C&G?

I was wondering if anyone has tried bush cucumbers using this system?


Yes, we have tested some bushy cucumber cultivars. It is perfect for pre-growing the plant, it got a very good start in Experimental plant pod, also flowered, but not to surprise- it needed transplanting soon enough. The soil is simply too small for cucumber and it needs more room to grow anyways.

Many people use Experimental plant pod just for pre- growing their plants and transplant them later to the final location or to larger pot.

Have you tried growing Bush Cucumbers?


No, I haven’t tried bush cucumbers. I had high hopes that maybe those little fingerling ones that they sell in the produce section at Costco might be the mini type or bush.

Is there any hope of a bigger pod in the works?

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Do you know the cultivar? Or can you please send me a photo of bush cucumbers?

The experimental pod is works well with cucumbers, melons and such. However the size is limiting…

Yes, it can be confusing. If the fruit (cucumber) is very tiny- it does not mean that the plant is. Though, there are some bush type of cucumber cultivars available. I would recommend to use Experimental plant pod to pregrow the plant and later (if flowers start to from) transplant it to a larger container.


I know this thread is old but I just joined the forum and thought I’d share my experience.

I tried growing Vert petit de Paris (Essiggurke in German or Cornichon in French). The plant can grow quite big but the cucumbers are tiny, the variety usually found in pickle jars.

The plant grew very well and had about a dozen flowers. I kept cutting it back so it stayed about 5-10cm under the lamps. However I only got 1 cucumber from it and the rest of the flowers died, then all the leaves turned yellow and the plant died.

I had a similar experience trying to grow some different varieties of chilli pepper.

I think in order for the plant to succeed in bearing fruit in the Click and Grow, it has to be kept really very small, even much smaller than I tried. I am going to try again and see if I have more success.

For the record I used the experimental pod and the CG3. I since learned from this forum that the CG9 with the red lights is better suited for fruit bearing plants, so I’m trying that now.

Even if I could grow a dozen tiny cucumbers, I would be happy :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing your experience!

Many clickers use experimental pods just for pregrowing and they replant the pods later for fruiting. Especially in temperate climate, where the growing season is limited and plants need to be pregrown before planting outdoors or to a greenhouse.
In ready made plant pods there are mostly seeds of dwarf cultivars. Choosing species and cultivars is a result of heavy testing and research. This is what gardening is all about- experimenting!

Maybe it works if you cut holes into the plant cup and let cucumber roots into the tank. Cucumber likes water. I will try it also.